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Author Topic: In The Beginning.............  (Read 29124 times)

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In The Beginning.............
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2007, 08:53:06 AM »
If you can bear with me over the next little while, I will endeavour to chronicle all the fun and mistakes  P[:  from beginning to the present of the making of  "The Pistonbroke RR"   HHH ~U:
There are a few people who you can blame for  this rubbish ending up clogging  cyberspace, like womblenz and Dawg, who, while in the chatroom a while ago, suggested I do this silly thing. They also, along with others , have shown me the way around the forum, and even how to use a computer.   :rock:  Thanks guys.

 OK. From the beginning............

O.B. Jack was a complete novice at this internet stuff, and making train stuff.  :Dremel:
and still is, but is having a whale of a time.

So back to the beginning......... Many moons  (_!_) ago , I had  a triang train set as a kid and loved it. so when the little anklebiters (grandchildren) came along "The War Office" and I decided to get a train set for them to play with when visiting.  :]:
That was the beginning of the end.   :fan:

We first tried to see how much space would be needed for this train set. Check out the 1 ft squares drawn in chalk on the floor, Ahhh we were going to be soooo professional about all this!!!  :up:

We did set it up once but it was never going to work . Hard concrete floor.  :(
                                                                                      People tripping over it   :'(
                                                                                      Having to pull it up all the time then relay it  ::)

"So lets make a little table to put it on dear " whispered The War Office
"Cool" said Jack. "I can probably manage that"  @#
"But first " says She " We need to polish the floor if we are going to put something permanent in here"
"Dang" says I "But OK lets do it"

Big Mistake

Here is the Real Estate                   

Here is the machine The orange thing ...not the driver         

Here is the aftermath

and here is more. Note, even The Dog checked out the damage

And more

So the cleanup started ........ and 3 days later we had

Then this is it. Reclaimed for the right of way

and looking the other way

So there we were, some 15 months ago setting out into the unknown world of model RR   :cow:
Initially we were going to put the settrack onto a table, plug it in and away we go. But that would be to simple would'nt it?
So with great trepidation and a fear of the unknown we looked on the internet to find a trackplan.

Big mistake # 2
 Because we found a whole new world of little trees and engines and houses and cars and flex track  and scenery and  on and on we could go, but mainly wonderful helpful people (who are probably not so little)  :blues:
Now we had to make some hard decisions.  ??? How big? How high? How Much? How to do it? Will we? Wont we?
 What the heck. So like a Bull in a china shop we charged in boots and all.

So ends chapter one.  <(:]
If you can be bothered to tune in sometime in the near future you can follow the trials and tribulations of this never ending saga.

 [huh: to feed the ego

Cheers Jack

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If at first you don't succeed , destroy all evidence that you tried

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